Thursday, 1 April 2010

What a week, I need a lie down now.

Monday morning. I volunteered to take hymn practise with 200 pupils, wh? Cos no-one that can sing was in school, as our year 4 children were going on their residential.I don't mind singing so was happy to give it a go.
Got through it with out any one laughing at my singing lol.

Monday afternoon.. Assembly practise. Technology is fantastic when it works.A bugger when it doesn't, and it didn't...Still it'll be alright on the night as they say.
Tuesday more practises...yayyyy for technology.
Wednesday two performances, one for the whole school one for parents. PHEW NO PROBLEMS
TOday. helped make 56 greek salads this morning and 56 fresh fruit salads this afternoon, two Easter assemblies and one book week display later and it's finally halfterm!!

HAPPY EASTER everyone.


lej jewellery said...

lol, you were kept busy then :0)

joyknitt said...

well done hennie, enjoy the break

tazbride said...

OMG, fair play you, you will need that break now