Saturday, 10 April 2010

createdoh magic

When the world was in its beginnings, when the creatures and people were finding their way in the world, the creator sat with a lump of createdoh, and tried to decide which creature it should become.
He rolled it, pulled it, pushed it and tweaked it until he was called to dinner.
He stood up quickly and as he did so, the ball of brown creatdoh rolled unnoticed to the completed side of the table and there it stayed. Many things made their way to this side of the table, some like the brown blob remained unseen, others the creator saw and he either removed and tweaked them or left them as they were, which explains why there are so many imperfect and different beings on this land of ours.

Blobbo(the brown createdoh lump) looked around and saw bushes of eucalyptus everywhere, she was feeling peckish so she reached for some leaves. As they were so delicious she ate another one and another one, until her little tum was filled, and she could no longer see her feet.
One day while the round Blobbo was out with her children,she heard the unmistakeable sounds of hunters, looking for food for their families, Quickly Blobbo called to her family.
"Joseph, Jodie, Joanne, Josephine, quick come to Mama."
Running quickly, the crying children ran to the safety of their mother, Bobbo gathered them to her and tucking her head down, the family sat, still as stone and waited.
"can..can they see us, aaaah...ooooh Mama." they whispered.
"shhh," came the reply.
They must have been successful, because the hunters stood very close and muttered about there being nothing but rocks and stones around, before moving on.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Blobbo removed each child from their hiding place in her many folds of fat.

The creator, watching these events was very impressed and he lifted up Blobbo. Smiling to hinmself, he began to redesign the brown createdoh lump.
He took away her many wobbly bits, the hiding places for her children, all that is except one. He left her one safe little place for her children.

He called her the Kangaroo, and now you know how and why the roo has her pouch and why all her children are called Joey.

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