Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Happy Tuesday

Well I think my emotions are back on an even keel again (Though for how long is anybody's guess)
Mother's day was for me a pretty emotional one.
I got a text off Matt and Teed from theNetherlands where they are having a few days away with a group of friends. (This in itself was a big plus lol, if you have boys you may well know what I mean, they are in touch if they need anything, other than that ..well forget it lol)

I had a lovely bouquet off Emma along with £20 (for a WW Pedometer) and a Best Momo mug.
I also had the chicken run dvd off Steve.
But I couldn't get away from my own thoughts and unwanted images that would keep popping into my head. Rich, you were never far from my thoughts, my precious boy.

Anyhoo, as I said I think my emotions are back under control for a little while longer.
CRAFTING is very thereapeutic for me, especially when I making things to sell for Richard's memorial fund.

This is my version of that bear, who is on cbeebies.
Also I made this sweet little duck, and by the way I do not like knitting in this wool lol.

Finally, for my friends birthday I made her this lol.I think she will love it as she rides one every day hehehee

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The latest bear (this one is for Joanne) to help raise awareness and funds for epilepsy, via Rich's memorial trust fund

Charity knit to be sold for the earthquake disaster relief fund on Thursday next week, during book week at school. Will keep you updated

Amy, A little westie for you.