Monday, 5 April 2010

I dreamed of you last night

I dreamed of you last night, son
you were sitting by my side
we chatted and we laughed
there was nothing left to hide.

I dreamed of you last night, son,
When you were just a boy
my heart it filled till it might burst
with such pride and joy

I dreamed of you last night son,
as down the stairs you came,
I smiled a smile of love
as I thought things could stay the same

I dreamed of you last night son,
and felt you standing near
but I awoke to find
my face wet as i shed a tear.

I dreamed of you last night son
I was searching everywhere
But I awoke to find
the aching in my heart still there.

I thought of you last night son
as I do every single day,
my heart has been ripped apart
I can not make you stay.

So dreams and memories are all that's left
to take away the pain,
The pain of waiting to see and touch you
on the day we meet again.


hennie said...

This poem was in my head this morning, so I had to put it somewhere.

RosyTint said...

And beautiful it is too.
I feel for you.

expressorizeureself said...

Thats beautiful XX

tazbride said...

That is lovely

joyknitt said...

I'm crying too, hennie. x x x

mad about bags said...

what a beautiful poem about a beautiful son, i hope writing it down has helped to ease your pain a little debbie

Just K Jewellery said...

so poignant - such lovely words. A beautiful poem

Zoe said...


Caz said...

What a lovely poem, very moving.