Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Tuesday 24th August.
This afternoon I had another order for a Humf, these little fellas are proving very popular, which I'm more than pleased about. Pleased because I designed them myself, and it feels good to see them selling well, and more importantly VERY pleased because each one sold goes to support Rich's memorial fund.


A few makes from yesterday, well the smiley monkey was a while ago, I just forgot to post pics of him lol

We went outside to see Emma and Dan off last night, this was the view from the front door, they thought I was mad, dashing in to get the camera.I think the moon looks amazing, although I don't think my camera is good enough to pic up the colours and the textures.

I'm just adding the finishing touches to my latest creation, I would add pics, but I'm really not happy with part of it, you know how you think it looks okay, then you take a photo and see it from a different view point? That's what happened lol, now I have to undo it and start that bit again.

I love this clip, so funny.

And now finally I just found this.

Now that's a cosy!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Post that makes you smile

Everybody likes to get smile-worthy post, I have been lucky enough to recieve this little lot recently.

I won this amazing paperbag album off Ali, for helping her choose a new name.(memories are made of this was my offering)

Yesterday I had this package of patterns, off the lovely Laura on the Crafts Beautiful forum, for no reason other than she thought I would be able to use them in my fundraising knitting.

Todays post brought these lovely things off Lyn, we were swap partners on Lisa's Blog

And finally, this stunning set of earrings and keycharm off Caroline, again on the Crafts Beautiful forum. I entered my snail in her insect challenge and it was a runner up.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bags of time


I visit this site regularly and love to read the magazine. One contributor Diane from http://www.folksy.com/shops/crawlin gives loads of knitting tips. I liked her beach bag and decided to have a go.I've never knitted a bag before, don't know why, just haven't.
I made this my "In bed" knitting, I have to have some thing to knit when I can't sleep, this can be midnight or 3am onwards. It was so easy, such a simple yet effective pattern. I even carried on with it when I wasn't in bed. IMAGINE THAT!!
Eager to finish, I hadn't got any D shaped handles, but adapted the pattern by adding an extra bit to support the top, then I lined it with some vintage fabric, I even added a tiny pocket for my keys. (Could have been deeper this bit)
Anyhoo, thanks Diane for sharing your pattern, and here they both are.
(Diane will remove your image if you want me to)

UPdate on Kitties

They are now a very cute and active 10 weeks old.
This morning, we had a visit off the gasman, so we put them in the upstairs bathroom. They were shut in there with food and litter tray for about 1hr as he needed access to check boiler, fires, heating etc.
OMG somehow the little boogers had managed to turn the tap on (you can do it with yur elbow)and had paddled through the litter tray and onto the loo seat, the cistern even the window sill. Everything was covered in a lovely pooey mess. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I did both lol.
I was all for giving them away there and then lol maybe to the gasman!! but then you look at their ultra cuteness and forgive them.