Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Happy Tuesday

Well I think my emotions are back on an even keel again (Though for how long is anybody's guess)
Mother's day was for me a pretty emotional one.
I got a text off Matt and Teed from theNetherlands where they are having a few days away with a group of friends. (This in itself was a big plus lol, if you have boys you may well know what I mean, they are in touch if they need anything, other than that ..well forget it lol)

I had a lovely bouquet off Emma along with £20 (for a WW Pedometer) and a Best Momo mug.
I also had the chicken run dvd off Steve.
But I couldn't get away from my own thoughts and unwanted images that would keep popping into my head. Rich, you were never far from my thoughts, my precious boy.

Anyhoo, as I said I think my emotions are back under control for a little while longer.
CRAFTING is very thereapeutic for me, especially when I making things to sell for Richard's memorial fund.

This is my version of that bear, who is on cbeebies.
Also I made this sweet little duck, and by the way I do not like knitting in this wool lol.

Finally, for my friends birthday I made her this lol.I think she will love it as she rides one every day hehehee


lej jewellery said...

there great, love the scooter

Just K Jewellery said...

a lovely blog post Hennie & I just LOVE that scooter. I've never seen a knitted scooter before - brill!

joyknitt said...

hi hennie, just to let you know I have nominated you for the sunshine award, please see my blog for details,
love joy x x