Saturday, 3 July 2010

Oh My

Well haven't I been lax in blogging!
My excuses are:
It was Rich's 26th birthday on May 20th, I think I went into another emotional decline in the build up to and from this day.

Belle had kittens on Steve's birthday May 28th

Then I was 50 on June 6th

I went on a Team building day with year 5 (they needed it not me lol)

and I am going to the Wyre Forest with year 5 on Monday.

SO what you really want to know about are the kittens?

as I said it was on Steves birthday and our clever cat had them all on her own, in a space outside no bigger than a sheet of paper.
We managed to track them down and get them inside, she had 3 little ones.

They are (as best as we can tell) all girls and are so cute.
So far we have only named two of them Callie the little calico one and Rusty the little one with a rust patch on her head. Emma is trying to decide what to call hers lol.

Yesterday they were 5 weeks old and look like this:

Callie in front, walking away from Miss No Name

Typical, you can't see her rust patch on this pic.

Little Miss No Name

Cat lover or no, you have to agree they are cute??

And finally one of the very clever mom Belle