Monday, 26 April 2010


I love making these cushions, I defy anyone to look at them and not smile lol
As I had a bulk order to make I thought I would give you a peek into the making of them

Self explanatory really.. In pieces ready for sewing

All faces have now been handstitched.

Machined and turned right side out, ready for filling.

see I told you, how can you not smile at these?

Want one? I am selling some on in aid of cancer and epilepsy research.

Friday, 23 April 2010


I think I told you about my latest challenge?
To create the character Ezio from Assassin's Creed (could be 2) Well here he interpretation of it any way lol
Brandon loved it and I got 2 more orders from it.
More pennies for Richard's sunflower tribute fund.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sunflowers by Karen

Karen from Just K Jewellery has made these fantastic items, all sunflower themed. Moer importantly she has very generously offered to donate the proceeds to Rich's memorial fund.
(I have treated myself to one of the rings)
PLease stop by and have a look at not only these but all the other fabulous pieces she has created.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

In the Pink

Clare from expressorize ure self (
is taking part in the "race for life" and not only would she appreciate your sponsorship, but was thinking of fundraising ideas. A "PINK" shop was suggested, this is my offering, if it goes ahead? (A little rough around the edges it was 11pm when I finished it lol)

If you have any ideas for either Clares "Pink" charity or my "Sunflower" one, we would be delighted to hear them.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Thanks Mo

This morning Postman Pat (well actually I don't know his name, we're not on that sort of terms) delivered a box all the way from Wiltshire.
Addressed to me, lucky me.
This was inside it...again lucky me.

A mixture of cotton, fleeces, flannel,faux suede and leather, even some beauiful buttons and some patterns.Oh our teddies will be very well dressed now lol
Mo you are a very generous lady, and I can't wait to start creating.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

createdoh magic

When the world was in its beginnings, when the creatures and people were finding their way in the world, the creator sat with a lump of createdoh, and tried to decide which creature it should become.
He rolled it, pulled it, pushed it and tweaked it until he was called to dinner.
He stood up quickly and as he did so, the ball of brown creatdoh rolled unnoticed to the completed side of the table and there it stayed. Many things made their way to this side of the table, some like the brown blob remained unseen, others the creator saw and he either removed and tweaked them or left them as they were, which explains why there are so many imperfect and different beings on this land of ours.

Blobbo(the brown createdoh lump) looked around and saw bushes of eucalyptus everywhere, she was feeling peckish so she reached for some leaves. As they were so delicious she ate another one and another one, until her little tum was filled, and she could no longer see her feet.
One day while the round Blobbo was out with her children,she heard the unmistakeable sounds of hunters, looking for food for their families, Quickly Blobbo called to her family.
"Joseph, Jodie, Joanne, Josephine, quick come to Mama."
Running quickly, the crying children ran to the safety of their mother, Bobbo gathered them to her and tucking her head down, the family sat, still as stone and waited.
"can..can they see us, aaaah...ooooh Mama." they whispered.
"shhh," came the reply.
They must have been successful, because the hunters stood very close and muttered about there being nothing but rocks and stones around, before moving on.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Blobbo removed each child from their hiding place in her many folds of fat.

The creator, watching these events was very impressed and he lifted up Blobbo. Smiling to hinmself, he began to redesign the brown createdoh lump.
He took away her many wobbly bits, the hiding places for her children, all that is except one. He left her one safe little place for her children.

He called her the Kangaroo, and now you know how and why the roo has her pouch and why all her children are called Joey.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shh Don't tell Emma, I cut up her socks

While tidying up nimbleneedles site, I realised on my sock monkey page I actually only had one sockie, so without further ado, here we have a few more lol.I think the giraffe was the most challenging.

I bought her some new socks a few days ago, and while she was looking at them, this little image popped into my head. Emma, who by now recognises my craft glint lol, said I was not to cut them up.

Oops sorry darling, I'll go get you some more tomorrow, I promise.

Monday, 5 April 2010

I dreamed of you last night

I dreamed of you last night, son
you were sitting by my side
we chatted and we laughed
there was nothing left to hide.

I dreamed of you last night, son,
When you were just a boy
my heart it filled till it might burst
with such pride and joy

I dreamed of you last night son,
as down the stairs you came,
I smiled a smile of love
as I thought things could stay the same

I dreamed of you last night son,
and felt you standing near
but I awoke to find
my face wet as i shed a tear.

I dreamed of you last night son
I was searching everywhere
But I awoke to find
the aching in my heart still there.

I thought of you last night son
as I do every single day,
my heart has been ripped apart
I can not make you stay.

So dreams and memories are all that's left
to take away the pain,
The pain of waiting to see and touch you
on the day we meet again.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

There's so many of us around

Just a few of the great offers on

I love these bears

I love making these bears, and think this happy couple turned out really well.
More importantly they added a little more to our sunflower fund.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

What a week, I need a lie down now.

Monday morning. I volunteered to take hymn practise with 200 pupils, wh? Cos no-one that can sing was in school, as our year 4 children were going on their residential.I don't mind singing so was happy to give it a go.
Got through it with out any one laughing at my singing lol.

Monday afternoon.. Assembly practise. Technology is fantastic when it works.A bugger when it doesn't, and it didn't...Still it'll be alright on the night as they say.
Tuesday more practises...yayyyy for technology.
Wednesday two performances, one for the whole school one for parents. PHEW NO PROBLEMS
TOday. helped make 56 greek salads this morning and 56 fresh fruit salads this afternoon, two Easter assemblies and one book week display later and it's finally halfterm!!

HAPPY EASTER everyone.