Monday, 5 September 2011

Are you a cardmaker?? You are??? READ ON!!

As you already know I make my crafts to sell and raise funds for epilepsy research via our sons memorial fund
Sunflower Fund
Do you remember the baby gift sets I showed you in a previous post??  Splendid.

Now what I am looking for, is any generous cardmakers who would like to support our charity and donate a card that I can include as part of my baby me gift sets

. This one  was donated by loobycrafts
You would get in return my undying love (OK MAYBE NOT THAT LOL) but certainly my appreciation.
You would get a thank you both on  my website and a small note added to the gift box ( you could send me some business cards if you liked)

I realise this is a big cheek, but  know there are some very generous crafters out there.

THANKS, please email me or leave a message here.

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