Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Bags of time


I visit this site regularly and love to read the magazine. One contributor Diane from http://www.folksy.com/shops/crawlin gives loads of knitting tips. I liked her beach bag and decided to have a go.I've never knitted a bag before, don't know why, just haven't.
I made this my "In bed" knitting, I have to have some thing to knit when I can't sleep, this can be midnight or 3am onwards. It was so easy, such a simple yet effective pattern. I even carried on with it when I wasn't in bed. IMAGINE THAT!!
Eager to finish, I hadn't got any D shaped handles, but adapted the pattern by adding an extra bit to support the top, then I lined it with some vintage fabric, I even added a tiny pocket for my keys. (Could have been deeper this bit)
Anyhoo, thanks Diane for sharing your pattern, and here they both are.
(Diane will remove your image if you want me to)


Lyn said...

I can't imagine knitting at that time in the morning! but then again I don't have problems sleeping, I guess youu might as well do something constructive if you can't sleep. It looks great.
The kitties look so cute in your last post too!

jms said...

hennie, what a lovely bag. I too have "in bed" knitting, which I do in the mornings and evenings, always have done, so you are not alone.
kittens are lovely, we had 4 similar last year, feral ones at the bottoom of the garden, the "cat rascue" lady who helped to catch them said that if they are tortoiseshell, even just a little bit, then they are female (didn't know that!) so looks like you, as you said, have 3 gorgeous girls.
joy xx

peggys knits said...

of course I dont mind and I am so happy that you enjoyed making it :)