Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Turrets and Tiaras

Over in year 2, we are nearing the end of our irresistible learning topic- Turrets and Tiaras.
It has been an amazing learning journey, as we have found dragon eggs in the school grounds and needed to learn how to care for it. The egg later hatched to reveal a small dragon!!!
We had no idea what dragons eat, so we had to write to experts to find out.
We've visited a castle, met a princess, learned about life in a castle, made our own castles, dragon,princesses or knights.
We've even written our own fairy-tale stories. Life has not been dull.
Next week will end with a medieval banquet, the children are going to dress up as knights or princesses, and have a huge feast, I'm sure there will be dancing, and who knows..maybe even a visit from a real knight or princess.

Anyhoo here is a little selection of our learning journey. Sorry you don't get to actually see any children, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway.
 We entered the classrooms to discover this mess, books burned, tables overturned. What on earth could have caused this?

What could have left this huge footprint in the corridor?

Then we discovered THE EGG in the outdoor classroom

 It had a note on the bottom.

So we cared for the egg, very carefully

And just look what hatched from the egg!

We made our own dragons, 

and castles

We even visited a real castle

One morning, we found a sleeping princess in our library!

We spent  a day finding out how knights lived.

We made our own knights,dragons or princess puppets

Wow life in Year 2 is certainly exciting!!


Caroline said...

Where did you get the egg from?

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks amazing! :-)