Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I feel a name change is needed

Hello dear reader
I've been thinking lately, that maybe I need to revamp my website, in particular it's name.(nimbleneedles )
I don't know why but i think it needs something.
I have been nimbleneedles since the beginning, probably because my after school club was called nimbleneedles, it seemed a natural progression, plus the children I was working with could remember it easily lol.
I'm now moving back down to work with 6 year olds, they're unlikely to be interested in my crafts, so do I need to stay as nimbleneedles??

I have a shop over on misi,  well 2 actually: hennies nimbleneedles, and bluesunflower. Plus I dabbled with etsy as hennies handicrafts! is taken but THE is available.
Or do I go for a complete name change that somehow somes up me, my crafts, my fundraising.

This is where you come in dear reader, tell me what you think?

1 comment:

joy said...

you could stick to the "hennie" scheme, maybe, what about "motherhen" or something along those lines?