Thursday, 5 November 2009

Not sure why I was worried

Started back to school on Monday.
Monday was an inset day, so as we all went to different schools for training, this was a good start.
I woke up on Tuesday feeling sick with nerves, I haven't been with the kids since we broke up for the summer holidays, and I have only seen a handful of them since Rich's passing.
I am only doing mornings for the time being, one day at a timie and all that.

Survived Tuesday, one little boy stopped me to tell me how sorry he was about my son! Bless him.
Saw just a few parents who hugged me and had a cry.
I got home at lunchtime though and had a massive cry.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, no children commented though.
we also had to visit the funeral directors to pay off some more off Rich's funeral bill (MY GOD it's expensive!)
The lady who works in there gave us a poem, its written as though from your loved one. Very moving and one day I will type it up.
plus we had a letter off Rich's bank.I also recieved this stunning memory bracelet off Jen
So another weepy afternoon.
Today the tears were at school for the most part.
A year 5 lad, I was sitting with, asked why I had been away, someone else said cos her son died.
Then he asked me how and why!!!
To each answer, I got another question till in the end I had to leave the room and go in the stock room for a sob!

Now tomorrow is another day as they say.

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