Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Alice's story

1.2.3....Rea closed her eyes and began to count.
Bonnie Alice hesitated, but only for a second. She knew where to hide, after all there was only one place an elephant whose body was covered in tiny flowers could hide.
She turned and ran as fast as her four little legs could carry her. She knew she didn't have long, it was a well known fact that her friend often missed out numbers when counting.

Alice reached the clearing, in front of her stretched a field, a field of flowers with colours so bright they almost hurt her eyes. She made her way into the field and settling herself down, she lay on her side and watched the clouds. With the warm sun on her skin, Alice slowly felt her eyes shutting.

99.....100 Rea opened her eyes and looked around, smiling to herself as she spotted her brother,Takeya, trying to hide behind the thin tree, his little fat bottom poking out for all to see. She noticed a movement to her right and saw Indie's red trunk peeping round the hen house.

Before long all the friends had been found, all except Alice, who was fast asleep dreaming.

She dreamed of visits to the dentist, of Daddy teaching her to surf and hundreds and hundreds of babies!

Takeya got up from his place under the shady tree.
“Come on, lets help Rea find Alice, it won't be hard. we know where she'll be, “ he laughed.
And Alice slept on.

Morning had turned into afternoon, and with no sign of Alice, the villagers were all in the field looking for Alice.
Can you imagine it, a village of elephants searching for the flowery little elephant in a field of flowers!
And Alice slept on.

Alice.....Alice.... called a voice.
Alice opened her eyes and sat up, instantly she felt her mothers arms around her, explaining to Alice how worried they'd been.

Alice began to cry, she hadn't meant to worry everybody. Suddenly the strangest thing happened; the more she cried, the redder she got until even the inside of her ears were a lovely shade of red, not a flower to be seen.

“Well,” laughed Mom, “at least we'll be able to find you in the flowers.” but Alice was disappointed, she loved her flowers.

Luckily next morning Alice was back to her normal, sweet, flowery self.. normal that is except for the inside of her ears, which are to this day, a lovely shade of red.

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